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Filter press

General Hydraulic Plate & Frame Filter Press

Strengthened polypropylene filter plates and frame are made through mold pressing, high in strength, light in weight, corrosion resistant, non-poisonous and no smell;

Adopt hydraulic pressing, with the maximum pressing pressure of 25 MPa, and automatic pressure maintaining by using electro connecting pressure gauge;

Maximum filtration pressure: 1.0MPa for recessed plate type, 0.5MPa for plate and frame type to ensure optimum conditions for cake formation and pressure filtration;

Simple in operation, convenient in maintenance, and safe in operation with multiple safety devices.

Solid-liquid separation in chemical, metallurgy, pharmaceutical, light industry, coal mining, foodstuff, textile, environmental protection, energy source and other industries.

Mainly used for filter process with shortened filter cycle, high solid rate and improved filtering effects, as the latest and the most practical new type filter plate.The filter plates including: plate and frame filter plate, recessed plate and high pressure polypropylene membrane plate, glass fiber polypropylene filter plate, rubber membrane filter plate, cast iron filter plate and stainless steel filter press, etc. The feeding modes can be middle feeding, corner feeding and upper middle feeding, etc. Customers can select filter plates in different materials and design according to their requirement.

Benefits of High Pressures PP Membrane Filter Plate

The application of membrane filtration technology has improved filtering effects significantly. The final dewatered cake is a result of mechanical squeezing by the membrane. Bright high pressure PP membrane plate can achieve squeezing pressure up to 4.0 MPa. The high pressure PP membrane plate is the latest and the most practical new type filter plate.

It has three major advantages than conventional recessed chamber filtration.

Reduced filtration Cycle Times Increased Cake Dry Solids Improved Cake Wash Capability

2000 high pressure PP membrane filter plate 1500x2000 high pressure PP membrane filter plate Center feeding high pressure PP membrane plate Angle feeding high pressure pp membrane plate PP Membrane structure

Technical Data of High Pressure PP Membrane Plate

Model Plate Thickness Cake thickness Chamber Filtration Area Filtration Volume Weight
(mm) (mm) (mm) (m2) (m2) (kg)
630x63060 30150.60.00925

Recessed PP filter plate

2000 PP filter plate 1500x2000 PP filter plate Angle feeding PP filter plate 800 PP filter plate
500 PP filter plate High temperature filter plate Casketed filter plate Rubber membrane filter plate

Technical Data of Recessed PP Filter Plate

Model Plate Thickness Cake thickness Chamber Filtration Area Filtration Volume Weight
(mm) (mm) (mm) (m2) (m2) (kg)

Notes: The above technical data of filter plates are changeable; please feel free to ask if you have different requirements.

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